Leading piping technology for over 55 years

Leading piping technology for over 55 years

HELA is a serious and reliable partner in the green energy transition.

HELA is a registered trademark of Heikki Laiho Oy. HELA is an internationally operating and well-known brand known for its quality, reliability, and functional product solutions. We have been manufacturing various connectors, valves and plumbing accessories for water and heating systems as well as district and
district heating since 1967. More than 55 years of tradition and expertise combined with innovative solutions and modern and efficient manufacturing technology guarantee the high quality and reliability of HELA products.

We employ more than 50 professionals from different expertise fields and our annual turnover is approximately 14 million euros. Our modern production facilities are located on the west coast of Finland in Pori.

In addition to HVAC products related to water and heating systems, we are a major European player in piping accessories for district and areal heating systems, as well as components and subassemblies used in various industries. HELA products are also widely used in water supply and infrastructure construction.

Environment and green energy transition

A significant number of our products are aimed at the green energy transition and the infrastructure related to the introduction of renewable energy. We have a comprehensive selection of connection solutions for pre-insulated piping solutions and systems related to district heating.

The products we manufacture are very long-lasting and highly recyclable. The brass raw material we use is made from 100% recyclable materials. In product development, we consider and implement solutions that make our products even more environmentally friendly, durable, and easy to use.

In accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we strive to make our manufacturing and operations even more responsible. The energy efficiency of our production has been improved through continuous investments in new production techniques and more energy-saving technology. We utilize or recycle for reuse the side streams and any waste generated from our production.

Laiho Industries Group

Heikki Laiho Oy is part of the Laiho Industries group. Laiho Industries is a solvent, family-owned Finnish business group focused on the metal product and engineering industry.

The companies belonging to the group are companies engaged in industrial activities in the field of various metal products. The group's main business areas are the contract manufacturing of metal products and HELA pipeline fittings and valves.

The Group's contract manufacturing business covers a wide range of metal industry products made with different manufacturing techniques. Our customers are various companies operating in the technology sector, such as machine, vehicle, research equipment and logistics industry product manufacturers. Most of our customers represent the top of their field and operate extensively in the global market.

The combined turnover of the Laiho Industries Group is approximately 25 million euros, and total assets is more than 30 million euros. The Group employs a total of approximately 135 people.

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Functionality. Reliability. Economic efficiency.

HELA products are safe to use in potable water and heating applications.

The availability of clean, potable water is vital for all of us. The quality of potable water must remain good throughout the entire supply chain, and therefore the piping materials used in drinking water systems must be such that they do not reduce or impact the quality of the water. We only use specially 4MS potable water approved and high-quality Nordic and European made dezincification resistance (DZR) brass alloys.

Technical service life and materials of pipe fittings made of brass.

In addition to the health aspect, technical service life must also be considered in all piping systems. The corrosion resistance of copper metals like brass is usually good also in water systems. Shortening the service life of brass products, corrosion can occur under unfavorable conditions. Soft water with low alkalinity is typically corrosive to all metals including copper metals like brass. This form of corrosion is called zinc loss or dezincification of brass.

The Nordic countries are a typical region where the water is naturally soft. Elsewhere in Europe and the world there are also many other areas where the risk of corrosion is high.

The intensity of zinc loss (dezincification) increases as the temperature rises, so it is more common in hot water systems. It would therefore be good to use materials that are corrosion resistant in hot water systems. Zinc loss (dezincification) is selective corrosion of brass alloys, in which the base metal, i.e. zinc dissolves and nobler i.e. copper does not. In zinc loss, zinc dissolves from the metal alloy, and what remains
is the one that has lost its tightness and strength structure. The result can be blockages caused by sediment formed as a corrosion product, leaks or fractures. In the worst case, problems can appear already in the first few years.

Dezincification resistant brass (DZR)

Brass component`s corrosion problems can be avoided by using special brass alloys (DZR), where zinc loss is prevented. HELA products are safe to use. We only use proper dezincification resistant (DZR) brass alloys.

We follow strict quality criteria in all stages of our production and our quality system is certified according to ISO9001:2015. Depending on the applications and requirements, our products have several different product qualification approval certificates (e.g. STF, SINTEC KIWA, DVGW and CSTB to name some).

Warranty and delivery conditions

Heikki Laiho Oy's general terms and conditions of delivery and guarantee for traders. These conditions will be followed unless otherwise agreed in writing.

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Specialty products and subcontracting

In addition to standard products, we also manufacture products and parts according to the customer's wishes and own drawings. More than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of various brass, aluminium and steel products and very modern and competitive production methods make Heikki Laiho Oy a reputable and reliable subcontractor.

We have several reputable domestic and foreign industrial companies from various industries as our customers. As a full-service subcontractor, we can offer the entire manufacturing process competitively and reliably, from product design and 3D modeling to final assembly and testing.


Our casting method is gravity die casting of brass and aluminium. The piece size generally varies from about 0.2 to 20 kg. The series size varies between 100 and 15 000 pieces. The size of the smallest batch that is profitable to produce depends very much on the piece and must always be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Very multi-shaped pieces can be cast by gravity die-casting. The internal shapes of the product are made with sand cores which can be used to make very complex internal shapes.

We design and manufacture all necessary moulds (ingot moulds) as well as sand core moulds, which enables us to ensure the manufacturability of the product and a successful end result.

Gravity die casting as a casting method provides a fine-grained and dense microstructure through rapid solidification and cooling of the casting metal, and thus good mechanical properties. The parts cast in a metal mould have uniform properties and a good surface quality.

Machine shop

Cast products are processed in our modern and highly automated machine shop. In addition to machining cast products in our own foundry, we also turn and machine various parts and components from brass, steel and HST bars and material tubes. Our versatile machine base enables fast and cost-effective production of complex parts. Loading of all our production machines is carried out by robots with machine vision and production can be run unmanned. The machine range includes several different transfer machines, machining centres with 3, 4 and 5 axis, as well as various lathes and automatic stamping machines.